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23 September 09

Posted by: Jason Mogus

Want inspiration? Watch highlights from Monday's Global Wake Up

People often wonder if our individual actions will ever make a difference, especially on something as big and overwhelming as climate change. And after seeing some of the news coming out of the UN Climate Summit on Tuesday, it's also hard to believe some times whether the leaders of the world will ever listen to what the people want.

This week may prove the cynics among us wrong: on Monday we showed ourselves, the media, and world leaders that the global climate movement is here, and we are ready for a FAB deal in Copenhagen. If you want to be inspired by the power of the people to work together and make a difference, look no further than this video compilation from Monday's incredible Global Wake Up Call!

You can also read highlights from the massive amount of mainstream press coverage from the Call, buzz in the the blogger and alternative press, and look at some incredible photos submitted by real people from around the world.

Who is the Global Campaign for Climate Action?

TckTckTck is a project of the Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA), a bold, new initiative involving a growing number of national and global organizations in support of a single goal: to mobilize civil society and to galvanize public opinion in support of transformational change and rapid action to save the planet from dangerous levels of climate change.

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