U.K. binge-drinking PSA's a total gross-out (NHS Binge Drinking Awareness Ad by Atticus Finch)

Lá vai mais uma propaganda vinculada no ADFREAK

Através do Google Reader, recebi está que trata do binge drinking.

É inglesa e quem assinou o post no blog das propagandas doidas foi David Gianatasio.

This binge-drinking PSA from the U.K. by ad shop Atticus Finch is about as gross as it gets. It's probably NSFW based on the sheer intensity of disgusting images. Maybe these teens are chugging brews and doing shots because they're depressed about England's freaky weather—those hailing numerals and asterisk blizzards would drive anyone to drink. And you really have to feel for the poor slob who gets to clean up that bathroom. Via Advertolog.

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